지방자치단체의 언어정책에 관한 사회언어학적 연구


A Sociolinguistic Study about Language planning of Local self-government


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This paper is a follow-up survey concerning the revitalization of the Jeju dialect. The Jeju dialect has declined because of urbanization and changes to the industrial structure. Therefore not only the Jeju dialect but also other local dialects are the same situation. However, Jeju people looked for their identities through their language, in two flows of globalization and localization. The ordinance concerning the dialect preservation was enacted. And various promotion events were held. The cases with the status planning of the Jeju dialect recognize the dialect as a cultural resource. For instance, a dialect poem, a dialect play, a dialect brand name, a dialect speech contest, a dialect advertisement copy, a dialect calligraphy exhibition, and teaching of the dialect, etc. However, it is necessary to maintain its communications function for the preservation of the dialect. For this, the following two measures are necessary. Financial support from public and the establishment of a permanent academy.


I. 머리말
 II. 국제화와 지방화
 III. 제주방언의 지위계획(status planning)
  제1장. 제주방언 지위계획의 배경
  제2장. 제주어 보전 및 육성 조례
  제3장. 방언, 지역어, 제주어
  제4장. 기록언어로서의 제주방언
  제5장. 제주방언의 프로모션 사례
 IV. 제주방언 지위계획의 목표
  제1장. 커뮤니케이션 기능의 유지
  제2장. 재정 부담과 상설 아카데미
 V. 마무리


  • 김은희 Kim, Eun-Hee. 탐라대 교양과정부


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