凡父 金鼎卨 연구의 현황과 과제


A preliminary study on Bombu(凡父) Kimjeungsul (金鼎卨)

범부 김정설 연구의 현황과 과제


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This is a preliminary study on Bombu Kimjeungsul(凡父 金鼎卨. 1897-1966) who is the eldest brother of Kim Dongli, one of the excellent novelist in Korea. Bombu has come into its own as a man of distinguished thought in Korea. Especially, he have characterized 'Silla(新羅)-Kyongju(慶州)-Hwalang(花郞)' as isolated problems in modern Korea. He is, so to speak, is a pioneer did a full-page advertisement the topic of them. His some career is not clear and little is known about his birth, study, and antecedents. He studied at Toyo(東洋) or Kyoto(京都) University of Japan for a number of years. Return home from his studying Japan, he gave a course in Dongbangsasang Institute, Dasolsa Temple, Gyel]im University etc. Through the course many excellent the intellectuals a participant, as the reigning scholars, politicians and religious person, have a clear recollection of intelligence and mentality of him. After died the trainees of the course mostly he was forgotten in modern history of Korea. Now most people don't keep their memory to Bombu, So, in intellect history of modern Korea, he is buried in oblivion. In this paper, I begin a preliminary discussion mainly, the present situation and an urgent or next problem, on Bombu Kimjeungsu study.


1. 서언
 2. 범부 연구 주요 자료
  1) 주요 텍스트
  2) 주요 텍스트 외의 논고들
  3) 최근 발굴 논고들
 3. 범부 연구의 현황
 4. 범부 연구의 과제
  1) 年譜, 家系, 人脈에 대한 재조사의 펄요성
  2) 주요 강의 및 강의노트 파악
  3) 자료 수집 및 구술 증언의 확보
  4) 범부사상의 주요 개념과 그 시대적 배경 해명
 5. 결어


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