장응진 소설의 성경 모티프 연구 - 일본 유학 시절 작품을 대상으로 -


A Study on the Bible Motif of Novels of Jang Eung-jin - Targeting works in a period of studying-abroad in Japan -


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The present thesis considered on the Bible motif appeared in 4 articles of short stories that Jang Eung-jin wrote in a period of studying- abroad in Japan. And the present thesis examined features of Jang Eung-jin as a Christian as well as an educator. Jang Eung-jin, who aspired to be a educator since he attends the Tokyo University of Education in Japan, published many education-related compositions to 『Taegeuk Gazette(太極學報)』. And since he returned to Korea in 1909, he teaches at Daeseong School, Hwimun high school, Gyeongseong Public Girls' High School, Gwangjuwook Girls' High School and others, and then he was dead while acting as a principal of Hwimun high school. Jang Eung-jin selected various stories in the Bible as a main motif of his novels, and his main motif according to each works is as follows. He selected ‘Lamb of the God’ comparing to Jesus as a main motif in case of 「Ardent Loves and Deep Sorrows(多情多恨)」, and 「Lair of Devils(魔窟)」 selected ‘Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah' as a main motif. And he selected ‘Satan's test on Jesus’ fasting in the wilderness as a main motif in case of 「Spring Dreams(春夢)」, and selected the deeds of ‘Judas Iscariot’ as a main motif in case of 「Confession under the Moon(月下의 自白)」. The novel of Jang Eung-jin, who selected the accidents in the Bible as a main motif, is showing a possibility of a new form in the Christian literature of the time of modern enlightment.


1. 서론
 2. 일본 유학과 교육계 투신
 3. 장응진 소설에 나타난 성경 모티프
  3)「月下의 自白」
 4. 결론


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