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The Place of the Native Church in the Work of Evangelization


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S.A. Moffett, 이용원

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  • S.A. Moffett Samuel Moffett(1864-1939) is a central figure of the early revival of Korean Christiani and the founder of PCTS, Korea. In 1901 Dr.Moffett established the first theological institution in Pyeongyan, andin 1919 was the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. Dr. Moffett opposed Japanese enforce-ment of Shinto shrine worship, returned to the United States in 1936, then was deceased in 1939. He was buried in a cemetery near Santa Barbara, Ca, USA along with Mrs. Lucia Moffett. According to his wish to be buried in Korean soil, the will was fulfilled 67 years after Dr. Moffett's death, In May of 2006, the remains of Dr. and Mrs. SamuelA. Moffett were moved and buried on PCTS campus.
  • 이용원 서울장신대학교 교수


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