Leituras da obra de Émile Benveniste: das implicações das formas de pensamento binário e trinitário


Reading of Émile Benveniste’ Work: About implications of the forms of binary and trinitarian thought

Tanara Zingano Kuhn

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This article seeks to support the existence of at least two means of reading the work of Émile Benveniste. The first one is widely spread and corroborated by a great part of academics who are interested in this author, the other one is still little known and it’s characterized by the fact that it opens the linguist’s doctrine to external viewpoints. To uphold this point of view, we bring forth the study of Dany-Robert Dufour (2000) as we present his notions of binarity and trinity and these ones in relation to structuralism, movement upon which Benveniste had great influence and from which he was read by the linguists that belong to enunciation field. We propose a dislocation of Dufour’s study in order to verify how this concurrence of two ways of organizing the reasoning has an incidence upon the reading of Benvenistian work. We get to the conclusion that the coexistence of those two faces of Benveniste leads to an important question: how can we have linguistics analysis that allies the two of them? We leave this theme as an invitation for those who are interested in continuing Benveniste’s reflections about language.


I. Consideracoes iniciais
 II. Introducao
 III. Sobre as nocoes de binariedade e trindade de Dany-Robert Dufour
  1. As formas de pensamento binario e trinitario
  2. As formas de pensamento binario e trinitario e sua relacao com o estruturalismo
 IV. Implicacoes das formas de pensamento binario e trinitario leitura da obra benvenistiana
  1. A leitura binaria da obra de Benveniste
  2. A Ieitura trinitaria da obra de Benveniste
 V. Consideracoes finais
 Referencias Bibliograficas


  • Tanara Zingano Kuhn Mestre em Teoria do texto e do discurso, Full-Time Lecturer do Departamento de Estudos Portugueses e Brasileiros, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


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