욕망의 간접화와 형이상학적 욕망의 실체 -김사량의 <천마>와 <빛 속으로>를 중심으로-


The indirection of desire and the substance of metaphysical desire -Focusing on Gim Sa-Ryang’s Cheon Ma and In the Light-


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The theory about Rene Girard’s triangle desire is the effective frame that can solve the structure of the distorted desire of colonists. As he can’t help having the bastard-consciousness originally as colonists, the subject who wants to be Imperial Citizen Forming but not to rouses others pain. The expression of the public desire and the frustration ‘Hyeon-Ryong’ who wanted to go into the Japanese literary had is well shown through Gim Sa-Ryang’s Cheon Ma. Also hiding himself as a Korean person in In the Light, ‘Mr. Nam’, ‘Haruo’ denied the fact that the Korean blood itself flew in his body. It we analyze the theory through Girard’s triangle desire, it is proves that just telling the ruth is hypocrisy. The inside indirection is shown by In the Light while the outside indirection is shown by Cheon Ma. Consequently, the theory of Girard’s triangle desire has the effective method that proves that colonists as foreigners have the bastard-consciousness.


1. 작품 속 주체의 소외와 이중어 글쓰기
 2. 체념적 서자의식과 욕망의 간접화
 3. '삼각형의 욕망'과 주체의 자기반성
 4. 형이상학적 욕망의 실체


  • 임형모 Im Hyeong-mo. 단국대


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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