[특집Ⅰ] 사회적 기본권의 입법적 보완방안

社會的 基本權 實現의 憲法的 限界


A Study on Constitutional Limit on Social Right

사회적 기본권 실현의 헌법적 한계


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According to the Korean Constitution, the citizen has the social right in the area of education, environment, and social welfare. The Constitution clearly guarantee the social welfare area in form of right. Nonetheless, there has been a critic about the social right especially in the area of the social welfare. In generally the social welfare program needs a lot of money which mainly consists of the tax that comes from the citizen. In this regards, the rigidity of social welfare program has not been sustained because of flexibility of government budget. So it is desirable that the constitutional court has the less severe standard in reviewing the legality of the social welfare law in the perspective of constitution. Also the legislation and executive rightly face the constitutional limit in protecting the social right. First, the social state concept which the constitution concretely define and contrasts with the socialist state put a certain limit on social right. Therefore the executive and legislation should respect individual property right in shaping the social welfare program. Second, democracy also set a limit on the social right. In generally, legislation is made by the support of majority of representative. So the legislative power should take care of the politically not represented citizen especially in the area of basic social welfare program. Third, social welfare program ought to be formed according to rule of law that also the constitution demand. In addition social right can conflict with basic individual rights. Fourth, social rights heavily rely on the economic capability of the state.


Ⅰ. 序論 : 社會國家原理의 憲法的 受用
 Ⅱ. 社會的 基本權의 法的 性質
  1. 社會的 基本權과 主觀的 公權性
  2. 社會的 基本權의 法的 性質에 관한 論議
  3. 論議의 檢討와 評價
 Ⅲ. 社會的 基本權實現의 憲法的 限界
  1. 社會國家의 本質에서 나오는 限界
  2. 民主主義原理로부터의 한계
  3. 법치국가원리로부터의 한계
  4. 補充性의 原則으로부터의 限界
  5. 國家財政力에 의한 事實的 限界
 Ⅴ. 結論 : 社會國家의 完成을 위한 國家의 任務.


  • 丁哲 정철. 국민대학교 법과대학 교수(Prof. College of Law, Kookmin Univ.)


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