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Comparison of Hysteretic Models for Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Reimforced Concrete Structures

김재웅, 강병두, 전대한, 임영근

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Predicting seismic response to earthquake load which can happen during the span of the building and evaluating seismic performance are very critical research tasks in the context of earthquake engineering with respect to performance-based seismic design. The main objective of performance-assessment is to evaluate the behavior of a system at different seismic hazard levels. To predict structure response to earthquake load which can arise, it is necessary to understand nonlinear behaviors characteristics. Ideally, the nonlinear response history analysis should faithfully simulate all significant modes of deformation and deterioration in the structure from the onset of damage up to collapse. We can obtain nonlinear response through three hysteretic parameters such as strength degradation, stiffness degradation and pinching behavior respectively. In this study, it is to compare inelastic behaviors of reinforced concrete upper wall-lower frame structures and to suggest more reliable hysteretic models with simple bilinear model for nonlinear analysis of structure. From a limited sensitivity study, it is founded that strength degradation and pinching behavior have more effect rather than stiffness degradation on the top story response.


 1. 서론
 2. 이력특성
  2.1. 주곡선(primary Ourve)
  2.2. 강도감소(strength degadation)
  2.3. 강성저하(stiffiness degadation)
  2.4. 편칭효과(pinching effect)
 3. 이력모델
  3.1. BL2모델
  3.2. CL2모델
  3.3. CA7모델
 4. 해설모델
 5. 해석결과 및 분석
  5.1. 진동주기
  5.2. 선형 동적해석
  5.3. 비선형 동적해석
 6. 결론


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