일제강점기 신지식의 요람대구「友弦書樓」에 대하여


'Uhyeonseoru(「友弦書樓」)' of Daegu in the colonial period of the imperial Japan

일제강점기 신지식의 요람대구「우현서루」에 대하여

최재목, 정다운, 김찬우, 곽재관

피인용수 : 0(자료제공 : 네이버학술정보)



This thesis is to look over a digest about ‘Uhyeonseoru(「友弦書樓」)’ where anti-Japan intellectuals in Yeoungnam province used to socialize each other during the Japanese Colonization in Korea, which the domestic and international academic world has not known up to date in detail. Also, this study is aimed to shed light on intelligent people with anti-Japan imperialism in Deagu․Gyeongbuk region again and ponder which role they play. ‘Uhyeonseoru(「友弦書樓」)」’ was a library run by Lee Ilu(李一雨) who was a uncle of Sang Lee Hwa(李相和), a famous anti-Japan poet. ‘Uhyeonseoru(「友弦書樓」)’ was a small education institution, which was called Sasuk(私塾) in Korean, which was equipped with millions of books and able to lodge and board. Furthermore, this is a well-known place where noble-minded patriots ranging from Yeoungnam area to all the part of country got together and pursued academic explores. Afterward this became the father of ‘Gyonam school(嶠南學院)’. That is to say, today this is called ‘Daeryun school(大倫學校)’. ‘Uhyeonseoru(「友弦書樓」)’ has great importance of anti-Japan movement history against the Japanese invasion and Japan's invasion policies in early 1900s in Yeoungnam province. This paper plans to examine documents left about ‘Uhyeonseoru(「友弦書樓」)’ and review exact appearance of ‘Uhyeonseoru(「友弦書樓」)’ based on these documents as preparation for more concrete studies.


1. 들어가는 말
 2. 「友弦書樓」에 대한 기록
 3. 「友弦書樓」의 실체
 4. 나오는 말


  • 최재목 Choi, Jae-Mok. 영남대학교 철학과 교수
  • 정다운 Chung, Da-Un. 동 대학 대학원 한국학과 박사과정 수료
  • 김찬우 Kim, Chan-Woo. 동 대학 대학원 정치외교학과 박사과정
  • 곽재관 Gwak, Jae-Gwan. 동 대학 대학원 건축학과 석사과정


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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