ERIC 검색을 통한 과학영재교육 연구 동향 분석


Analysis of the Tendency of Researches on the Education ofGifted-in-science by Searching with ERIC.

이연주, 전영석, 신영준, 홍준의, 이인호, 최정훈

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In this research, we have focused on the tendency of researches on the education of gifted-in-science. For this concern, it has been performed to filter, according to the classification standard, thenumber of research papers from papers on academic magazines during the period from the early 1990to November 11th 2007. While there were a lot of related papers in the early 1990 when it was thebeginning period of time to perform the researches on the education of gifted-in-science, there has beena tendency of decreasing the number of researches. In addition, it is also revealed that the researcheswere much skewed to the education of gifted-in-science and its educational course work. Under thedeep consideration on the environment that the interest on the education of gifted-in-science has beenincreased and that the education has been performed widely, more various and more in-depth studiesshould be made such as the educational method which can match the unique characteristic of eachgifted-in-science, the research on defined characteristic related with the gifted-in-science’s attitude, andthe ideal attitude of teachers toward the gifted-in-science according to the analysis of the interactionbetween teachers and students.


 I. 서 론
 II. 연구 내용 및 방법
  1. 연구내용
  2. 분석 대상 자료
  3. 분류의 준거 및 분석 방법
  4. 연구의 제한점
 III. 연구 결과 및 논의
  1. 연도별 발표 논문 수
  2. 연구 분야별 논문 현황
 IV. 결론 및 제언
 참 고 문 헌


  • 이연주 Yeon Ju Lee. 서울교육대학교(Seoul National University of Education)
  • 전영석 Young Seok Jhun. 서울교육대학교(Seoul National University of Education)
  • 신영준 Young Joon Shin. 경인교육대학교(Gyeungin National University of Education)
  • 홍준의 Jun Euy Hong. 한성과학고등학교(Hansung Science High School)
  • 이인호 In Ho Lee4. 한국교육과정평가원(Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation)
  • 최정훈 Jung Hoon Choi. 한양대학교(Hanyang University)


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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