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Studies on the Specific Gene Expression in Lung Tissue of the Cloned Hanwoo

김상환, 정덕원, 이호준, 황수연, 민관식, 윤종택

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This study was conducted to investigate the specific expression genes in the cloned bovine tissues. Donor cells, cloned tissues were analysed by RAPD-RFLP method. The results were detected three genes (CH-U7B, CH-U7M and CH-U7P) in the cloned fetus. It was found a single copy genes by southern hybridization. Sequence analysis of CH-U7M gene was shown 99% homology to a previously reported EST from a cloned bovine fetus. The putative ORF was encode a protein of hydrophobicity index 0.03. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR by using the CH-LS001 specific primer was remarkably detected in the lung tissue of cloned fetus. Further investigation of these genes may provide one of the key information to explain the early death, abnormal fetus, large off-spring and the low pregnancy rate in the production of cloned bovine.


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 결과 및 고찰


  • 김상환 Sang-Hwan Kim. 한경대학교 생물환경정보통신 전문대학원 동물생명공학 전공
  • 정덕원 Duck-Won Chung. 한경대학교 생물환경정보통신 전문대학원 동물생명공학 전공
  • 이호준 Ho-Jun Lee. 유전공학연구소
  • 황수연 Sue-Yun Hwang. 한경대학교 생물환경정보통신 전문대학원 동물생명공학 전공
  • 민관식 Kwan-Sik Min. 한경대학교 생물환경정보통신 전문대학원 동물생명공학 전공
  • 윤종택 Jong-Taek Yoon. 한경대학교 생물환경정보통신 전문대학원 동물생명공학 전공, 동물생명환경과학부


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