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The Applications of Ayurveda on Esthetic Area


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Ayurveda has built up its own medical system with some traditional ways for a long time and it is now regarded as one way of alternative medical care for human body instead of a local treatment of Indian medical science. Based upon centuries of medical methods and know-hows, Ayurveda is nowadays used for the relief of stresses and strains of people in the modern world as its effect is proved scientifically. Ayurveda uses internal cleanness, outer cleanness, and surgical therapy in order to maintain Dosha balance. It selects a right way to cure illness through the analysis of physical condition. It focuses more on patient than the illness itself and thus tries to get the healthy condition and better quality of human life. The health in Ayurveda can be achieved by the balance of three Doshas, the good condition of every organ, and the harmony of body and mind. Our body needs to be cleaned periodically to perform healthy function. The most important factor for healthy body is a good organic streamline. In other words, toxic elements have to be eliminated not to block the organic path. As a new model in the area of medical recovery, Ayurveda pursuits the same trends of Esthetics in the sense of maintaining heathy condition of human body and relieving mental status. However it's not easy to apply Ayurveda into Esthetic area because its method is very complex and complicated. Since the massage therapy of Ayurveda has been applied and practiced clinically for a long time, it can be used for an alternative medical science if we develop more effective ways of its applications. This article covers limited aspects of Ayurveda applications and needs to be studied more with further analysis and investigations in the future.


 I. 서론
 II. 본론
  1. 아유르베다의 개념
  2. 인도의 사상으로 본 트리도샤(Tridoshal)
  3. 트리도샤(Tridoshal) 체질 구분
  4. 아유르베다 마사지
  5. 아유르베다 마사지의 종류
  6. 오일테라피
  7. 피부미용분야의 아유르베다 활용
 III. 결론


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