현대 헤어스타일에 나타난 포스트모더니즘 연구


Study on Post-Modernism in Modern Hair Style

유옥이, 백선영

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This study is to contribute to the hair trend analysis presented in the future by understanding how post-modernism is expressed in modern hair style and how modern hair style is expressed in post-modernism. There are many trend presentations and hair shows that present hair style expressed in post-modernism. Even though there are few information about the hair, there are some pervious works on the trend of art that show post-modernism in hair style. This study is to find how the hair style is expressed by the characteristics of deconstruction (instability, deconstruction from inside, anti-meaningful shape, anti-centered, ambiguity and geometry etc) which is the important factor of post-modernism. As a result of the analysis of deconstruction characteristics of post-modernism expressed in hair style, it is as below. First, womanlike hair style of man is expressed in artificially extended by using fake hair and there are many ambiguous hair styles of sexless figures that show deconstruction style and some men has a little bit ambiguous and natural hair style in a pony-tail that the long hair is tightened by hair lace or elastic braid. Second, manlike hair style of woman is short-cut hair style and this hair style is ambiguous for sex distinction and shows deconstruction characteristics which are factors of post-modernism. Third, as a result of this study, there are many natural hair styles that show deconstruction characteristics, geometrical shapes and repeated disconnection. In conclusion, post-modernism will be another trend replacing with modernism and be expressed in aesthetics and practicality of modern hair.


 I. 서론
  1. 연구 목적
  2. 연구의 방법과 범위
 II. 이론적 배경
  1. 포스트모더니즘의 개념
  2. 포스트모더니즘의 특성
 III. 해체적 특성이 나타난 포스트모더니즘
  1. 미술과 해체적 특성
  2. 건축과 해체적 특성
 IV. 헤어스타일에 나타난 포스트 모더니즘의 해체적 특성
 V. 결론


  • 유옥이 You, Ok-Lee. 건국대학교 일반대학원 생물공학과 향장생물전공 박사과정
  • 백선영 Paik, Sun-Young. 건국대학교 생물공학과 겸임교수


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