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데리다의 흔적 철학을 적용한 건축적 공간 - 경사지 주거의 흔적 이식 -


An Architectural Space with the Application of J'Derrida's trace theory - Trace Implantation of the Hill Housing -

이수민, 이동언

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After the Korean war, the number of refugees are increased in Busan. They settled in slope sites and built poor houses. Unplaned houses and streets covered the mountain. The streets between crowded houses became mutual spaces for residents and it also was a trace of their lives. For that reason, the hills have been used as the site for housing recently in Busan. But, in
spite of many differences between the hill and the level ground in some respect, one apply to the same thought that we have in the level ground. Therefore, there are many problems in the hill housing of our city. This study aimed at suggestion of desirable design orientation of the hill housing with the trace by applying J'Derrida's theory. I will follow the traces of the hill housing
with adapting to existing topography and preserving sociality of alley which has inhabitant's marks.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구의 배경과 목적
  1.2 연구의 범위와 방법
 2. 데리다 흔적 철학
  2.1 데리다 흔적 철학 개념 고찰
  2.2 현대 건축에서 데리다 흔적 철학의 적용 사례
 3. 데리다 흔적 철학의 건축적 적용
  3.1 해당 부지 분석
  3.2 데리다의 흔적 개념을 통한 경사지 주거 개발 제안
  3.3 concept _ implant
  3.4 배치 계획


  • 이수민 Lee, Soo-Min. 부산대학교 건축학 전공 5년
  • 이동언 Lee, Dong-Eon. 부산대학교 건축학과 교수, 건축학 박사


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