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Hysteretic Behavior of RC Beams Exposed to Freezing and Thawing under Cyclic Loadings

이종민, 장광수, 김윤수, 윤현도

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Generally, reinforced concrete structures exposed to the outside temperature are affected by freezing and thawing process during winter and early spring. These freezing and thawing process can lead to the reduction in durability of concrete as cracking or surface spalling. This paper is to study the hysteretic behavior of RC beams exposed to freezing and thawing under
cyclic loadings. To compare the difference in hysteretic behavior of RC Beams, limited tests were conducted under different types of damage and freezing and thawing cycles. For this purpose, six specimens were tested. It is thought that experimental results will be used as basic data to evaluate hysteretic behavior of RC beams exposed to freezing and thawing.


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 2. 실험
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  2.2 사용재료
  2.3 실험 방법
 3. 실험결과
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  • 이종민 Lee, Jong-Min. 정회원, 충남대학교 대학원, 석사과정
  • 장광수 Jang, Gwang-Soo. 정회원, 충남대학교 대학원, 석사과정
  • 김윤수 Kim, Yun-Su. 정회원, 충남대학교 건축공학과 교수, 공학박사
  • 윤현도 Yun, Hyun-Do. 정회원, 충남대학교 건축공학과 교수, 공학박사


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