제2분야 : 역사 및 의장

김중업 건축에서 나타나는 한국전통적 표현특성에 관한 연구


A Study on the Characteristics of Korean Traditional Expression in Kim, Jung-Up's Architecture

서병진, 문병국, 이일형

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Kim Jung-Up has been one of the most famous architects in Korea. He has had architectural practice at Le Corbusier's office at Paris in 1950s, and returned to Korea, he has made many remarkable architectural works including French Embassy building in Korea. It is considered that his thought about Korean tradition was influenced by his mother at the early age. The
characteristics of Korean traditional expression are appeared in his many works.
Analyzing his architectural works, we can get some Korean traditional characteristics as follows-the Korean curves, the Kongpo(oriental capital structural system) and its details, the facade composition method, the empty spaces(interal and external) of Korean Architecture, the traditional site planning.
As a result, he expressed Korean tradition in his own method on his architectural works and the more studies are needed to review his architecture.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구의 배경 및 목적 
  1.2 연구의 범위와 방법
 2. 한국 현대건축의 전통성
  2.1 한국 현대건축의 전통성 논쟁
  2.2 김중업 건축과 전통성
 3. 김중업 건축의 전통성
  3.1 작품선정과 비교분석 방법
  3.2 김중업 건축의 전통성 표현 작품
  3.3 김중업 건축의 전통적 표현 분석
 4. 결론


  • 서병진 Seo, Byung-Jin. 순천향대 대학원 석사과정
  • 문병국 Moon, Byung-Kuk. 순천향대 건축학과 부교수
  • 이일형 Lee, Yil-Hyung. 순천향대 건축학과 부교수, 공학박사


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