의류의 관리 및 착용 과정에서의 사고유형 분석


Analysis of Trouble Type for Clothing During Caring and Wearing Process


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The purpose of this study was to analyze the trouble type for clothing during care process and wearing. 13,929 clothings which were complained to Consumer's Union of Korea were investigated. Among them 7,536 clothings which trouble was caused by consumer were analyzed the factor.The results were as follows:The trouble types of clothing were breakage, size change, color change, pilling, bleeding stain, snagging, hair drop, bonding loss, in order. The trouble of clothing was caused by 54.1% consumer, 28.9% manufacturer, and 4.1% dry cleaner. The trouble by consumer araise during care process and wearing. The trouble type for care process was 10.5% careless washing, 4.0% careless keeping, and 3.5% unskilled aftertreatment, and that for wearing was 62.1% unsuitable wearing and 16.3% staining. The careless washing included the factor of wrong washing method, excess use of detergent, and bleeding stain. The careless keeping included the factor of sunlight exposure and moth and microbial attack. The unsuitable wearing included the factor of pilling, damage by force, breakage, and snagging. The staining included the factor of foreign stain, complex stain, bleaching stain, and perspiration stain.


 I. 서 론
 II. 연구방법
 III. 결과 및 논의
  1. 사고의류의 유형별 분류
  2. 소비자 책임 사고의류의 원인 분석
 IV. 결론 및 제언


  • 김선경 Kim, Sunkyung. 경원대학교 의상학과 교수(Professor, Dept. of Clothing, Kyungwon University)


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